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Dashboard Switching
The Z1 Dashboard software allows you to assign up to 10 dashboards to each car. You can then scroll through the dashboards with a button click. You can assign this button click to a rotary switch or a scrolling button on your wheel, allowing you to change dashboard easily. Each of the 6 instances can have up to 10 dashboards assigned to them for each car. With the ability to map specific joystick buttons to each instance, if you've got enough buttons you can control everything from your wheel or button box.

Limiter Dash:
In addition to being able to scroll through your selected dashboards, you can also assign one of them to be displayed when the pit limiter is engaged. When the pit limiter is turned off your display will revert to the previously displayed dashboard.

You could use this feature to switch to the track map to see the position of a competitor while you service your car. Alternatively the pit stop dashboard could be useful to ensure you properly fill the tank of your car. You can set this to whatever suits your needs, or simply turn the feature off it you prefer.

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