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Z1 Analyzer Analysis Settings
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The Z1 Analyzer software allows you to easily customize the application to suit your needs. This customization is done using the Settings Dialog, accessible by selecting the File->Settings menus option.

The settings dialog contains multiple tabs with specific settings under each one. This page describes the Analysis tab.

Analysis Settings Tab
Lockup Threshold:
This is the speed difference between the front and rear wheels that indicates a front wheel lock up. This is used in the brake lockups analysis.

Brake Drag Threshold:
The maximum amount of braking that can be applied in order for a brake drag to be recorded. Values below this are considered dragging the brakes. For example if this is set to 3%, and you are applying the brakes and never exceed 3%, then you are considered to be dragging the brakes. This information will be displayed in the Lap Analysis window under the Brake Analysis section.

Brake Point Threshold:
This is the amount of braking that must be applied in order for a brake point to be recorded. Values above this are considered to be aplying the brakes. For example if this is set to 10%, then in order for a braking zone to be detected, you must apply at least 10% of the brakes.

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